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    Næstved offers many of the major attractions, including BonBon-Land and Gavnø Castle & Park. Here is a top 12 list of the most visited ...

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    A really good film is best at the cinema! It`s really something special to sink into a soft, comfortable chair, with a drink and a snack in front of you while the film flickers across  the screen. Enjoy an evening at the cinema with the newest film (in original language). Have  fun!

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    Visit one or more of the many galleries and enjoy art from both domestic and foreign artists. 

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    In Næstved, you can pick and choose between widely differing eating experiences. So whether you and your friends feel like dining in a gourmet restaurant, eating in a cosy café, or just  sitting by the water and ordering fresh fish, there are plenty of opportunities both in and around Næstved. 

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    Whether you want to eat at a small cafe or a restaurant you will find it in Karrebæksminde. Here is a selection of the restaurants, Karrebæksminde offers.

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    After enjoying an interesting trip to one of the many sightseeing attractions or an exciting, but exhausting activity, your are sure to have become a healthy appetite. Enjoy your holiday-lunch in one the many restaurants or cafes. In Næstved you can choose between lots of different culinary highlights. It doesn´t matter if you prefer a gourmet restaurant or a café, or if you like to sit near the water and enjoy fresh fish- the possibilities are endless both in the town centre and in the surrounding area.

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    The Næstved Region offers several fine camping sites with first-class facilities and sufficient elbowroom for everybody. When camping, you are in the middle of the nature where the children will find lots of new playmates and the adults will enjoy socialising.

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    Efter en oplevelsesrig tur til en eller flere af de mange seværdigheder eller en af de mange spændende og energikrævende aktiviteter, melder appetitten sig. Nyd en feriemiddag på et af de mange velrenommerede spisesteder. I Næstved kan du vælge og vrage mellem vidt forskellige spiseoplevelser. Så uanset om du og dit selskab foretrækker at dinere i gourmetrestaurant, spise på café eller dumpe ned ved vandkanten og bestille friskfangede fisk, så er der rig mulighed til det både i midtbyen og i Næstveds omegn.

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    Besides holiday cottages and camping sites there are also two holiday centres in Karrebæksminde. Click and read more about the two centres...

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    In Næstved are several fishing inshore waters. No matter if you like to go fishing by the shore, sea or pond, or even have a quick stop at the Put-and Take sea. Here you can find many different fishing possibilities.

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    In Næstved municipality we have two Touristoffices: one in the center of Næstved and one in Karrebæksminde. The Touristoffice in Næstved is open all year, but the office in Karrebæksminde is open only from the middle of June until the middle of August. Click on the Touristoffices below and see more about the opening hours ect.

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    The former monestary in Næstved is transformed to a modern hostel with 30 cosy rooms. Most of the rooms have their own bath, toilet and balcony.

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    If the sun refuses to shine or you are the type who refuses to dip a toe in anything less than 30 degrees Celsius – then head for one of Næstved’s many swim centres. In the summer, when the weather is fine, try the swimming pool in Herlufmagle. Here you can escape sand between your toes!

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    Nature camp sites offer a cheap accommodation alternative for the high-spirited sons and daughters of nature! The facilities are very primitive, but usually include a fireplace, access to water and some kind of toilet. The sites are not open to motorists, but are intended for cyclists and ramblers only.

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    Come and try one of our many Bed & Breakfast rooms in Næstved. There are rooms available in the city or the village. Bed & Breakfast or private rooms, however  you like it, are good opportunities for a cheap stay. Meet a local family, they are  happy to welcome you in their home.

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    If you don´t bring a car on your holiday, you can rent one at one of the car rental agencies in Næstved. Click on one of the rental agencies and read more about prices and conditions.

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    Winding its way through the attractive region around Næstved, the Suså is perfect for canoeing and offers an ideal way to enjoy the scenery. Take in the Region's fascinating and distinctive flora and fauna as you glide along quietly in your canoe. During the summer holiday it is possible to rent a canoe for a few hours from Slusehuset in Næstved - you just have to book the canoe in advance (before 12 noon the day before) at Suså Canoe rental.

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    In Karrebæksminde you can choose between many types of accommodation. Here you will find both campsites, holiday resorts, holiday cottages and Bed & Breakfast. We have created a list of accommodation in Karrebæksminde for you, but remember - if you can not find what you are looking for, Næstved is only 10 km away with plenty of accommodations too.

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    in and around Næstved you will find 3 major golf courses of high international standard. The nearest golf course is Næstved Golf Course, which is beautifully situated between Næstved and Karrebæksminde with the fjord as background. In addition, there are golf courses in both Mogenstrup and Rønnede, where you also can enjoy your hobby in a scenic area not far from the center of Naestved.

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    In Karrebæksminde you are close to the sea and can enjoy the wind in your hair while walking along the beach and letting you mind wander. Click at the link to Feriepartner SjællandSyd for booking a private holiday house for a min. stay of 3 nights or click on the link to Danland Karrebæksminde Holidaycenter and rent the characteristic fiord houses for a min. stay of 2 nights.

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